Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birth of the Firebringer

For my free book, I read Birth of the Firebringer.  It's about unicorns. But these are awesome unicorns!  They don't just sit around in fields of flowers and do nothing.  They're involved in a long-standing war with the wyverns, who invaded and stole their homeland.  The unicorns went into exile, but there was a prophecy that foretold a unicorn that would lead them home (called the Firebringer).  And conveniently, that unicorn is the book's main character.

His name's Aljan, but he doesn't know he is the Firebringer yet.  The whole book is about his adult initiation journey, and all along the way his immature and mischievous antics get him into trouble.  Of course, by the end he's matured and discovered that he's the "chosen one" and all that.  It's a really good book, but it's just the first in a trilogy.

I was apprehensive about reading this at first.  I mean, unicorns? Really?  But the story quickly had me hooked because the unicorns actually do stuff and they're actually pretty badass.  It starts out with this battle between the unicorns and the gryphons (another enemy of the unicorns).  It's all pretty intense for the first third of the book.  The middle of the story got a little boring because a lot of it was just "and now they're traveling across this part of the plains... And now this part..."  and occasionally it was broken up by important plot events.  The way it's written is very easy to read and understand.

Overall, I think this is one of my favorite fantasy books just because it manages to break the unicorn stereotype.

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